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At Commanda Clean, along with our home and commercial cleaning service we offer a wide array of specialty services.   From painting and power washing, lawn cutting and garden clean ups we can work with you to beautify all aspects of your home and business.  We serve many locations, including Hamilton, Burlington, Niagara Region, Oakville and Milton and more.  Simply give us a call, and we’ll be right at your service.


Have a look at the following specialty services we offer:

  • Landscaping services: From routine lawn care and maintenance to concrete slabs and retaining walls, you can trust Commanda Clean to keep your property beautiful.

  • Painting services: It’s no secret that a professionally applied interior paint job can freshen up and beautify any home. We offer a one year warranty on our service and products.  

  • Pool deck and porch resurfacing: You have a lot of money invested in your pool deck and porch, so they need to be properly protected. Commanda Clean specializes in pool deck and porch coatings, helping to preserve them.

  • Epoxy floor services: By applying an epoxy floor sealer, you can create an impermeable layer that prevents moisture and staining substances from penetrating. Contact Commanda Clean today to learn more about our epoxy floor services.

  • Power washing: Every property needs comprehensive deep cleaning on a regular basis to preserve its appearance and feel. Commanda Clean provides high-pressure cleaning using power washing equipment, making it easy to remove filth, sludge, oil, graffiti ink, and other stubborn stains.

  • Biohazard cleaning: We use a systematic approach that involves disinfecting and sanitizing the area, thoroughly cleaning the surface, decontaminating all areas, neutralizing any lingering odours, and disposing of contaminated objects at a licensed disposal facility.

  • Hoarding cleanups: A lifetime of buying things can spiral out of control. Commanda Clean recognizes that hoarding is a persistent problem for many people. Our professionals have the skills and the required tools to clean the clutter, regardless of its magnitude.

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